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Geography: - Many difficulties were faced in the execution to trace out the History of District Rohtak. This District derives its name from Headquarter Town Rohtak. Which is set to be corrupted  of Rohtashgarh, a name still applied to the ruined sites also called Khokhra Kot of two older cities, one lying immediately North of the present town and other about three miles to the east.  It is named after Raja Rohtash in whose days the city is said to have been built. It is also claimed that the town Roherra (Tecoma Undulate ) tree called Rohitak in Sanskrit. It is said that before the town come into existence, it was a site of a forest of  Rohitak trees and hence, its name Rohtak. Another version connect Rohtak with Rohitaka, which is mentioned in the Maha Bharta in connection with the campaign of Nakula, the Pandava warrior.

Location: - The district lies in the south east of Haryana  state.    It  is bound  by  Jind  and  Sonipat  districts  on  the  north, Jhajjar district on the south, Jhajjar and Sonipat district on  the  east and Hisar and Bhiwani districts on the west side.

Area & Population:- The district is having an area of 1668.47 square Kms.  Population of the district as per 1991 census is 776966.    The  density  of population is  466  per sq. Kilometer.  There are 146 villages and 151 Panchayats on the district.  The rural population  is  531263 and urban population is 245703. As  per  1991 census, rural population constitutes 68.38 % of the total  population  of   the   district.  The   SC   population is 145435(18.72%) while rural SC population is 107131(20.10%). The  economy  of  the  district  is  primarily  agriculture   i.e. agrarian economy.   About 51.89% of the total workers are engaged in  agriculture  and  allied  activities,  7.68%  in  cottage & household   industries   and   the  rest  are  engaged  in  other activities. Out  of  total  geographical  area  of the district, 83% is under cultivation.  The main crops are Wheat, Gram, Sugarcane  &  Bajra. There is  no  perennial river in the district.  Underground water level is relatively high.  The district is faced with the problem of brackish  water  and  water  logging  in  may  parts  of  the district.  


Rain Fall: - Average Rainfall M.M. 458.5 


Drinking Water Facilities: - 1. Consumption of Daily Drinking Water In Lakhs RURAL Liter 121.89 URBAN Rohtak " 349.67 Meham " 13.58 Kalanaur " 13.08

2. Consumption of Daily D/Water Per/Head In Liter

1. RURAL " 40 to 70 LPCD 2. URBAN Rohtak " 112 LPCD Meham " 70 LPCD Kalanaur " 70 LPCD

Other General Details: - This Distt. have many important places and institution such as PGIMS, RTK, MDU, RTK, Radio Station, Railway Junctions, All India Hero's Memorials College (Jat College), God Brahmin Degree College & Ayurvedic College, Hindu College, Vaish Technical Institute & Degree College, Baba Mastnath Education & Medical Institute and city of Rohtak also known as Education City.


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