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  1. Keep all the relevant documents like registration, insurance, driving license and pollution certificate with you.
  2. One should not drink while driving.
  3. One should always keep a safe suitable distance from the Vehicle ahead.
  4. Do not jump the red lights for you can meet with an accident.
  5. Never drive with your head lights on in urban areas.
  6. The yellow line by the side of the kerb means “No Parking.” 
  7. The yellow line in the middle of the road means divider – so please do not cross this line, even while overtaking.
  8. The Zebra lines are meant for pedestrian to cross the roads. Do not Park/Stop your vehicles on these lines.
  9. Never drive your vehicles with the elbow on the window of the drivers door.
  10. One should observe lane discipline and avoid un-necessary over taking of vehicle. Highways drivers have developed a wrong habit of giving  the right indicators for some body following behind to over take. One should not pick up this wrong habit, because you are normally presumed to be turning right while giving your right indicator.
  11. Always give way to the vehicles coming from the  right side –whether your are at an intersection or otherwise. The common belief is that the bigger Vehicle has a  right of way. But that is not correct. Only the Vehicle coming from right side has a right of way. We must respect others rights also.
  12. The number of people who loose their lives on the roads in India is appalling. We are ourselves to blame for it. All gentlemen do not mind wearing  a crash helmet on their heads, while riding the two wheelers , but remembers it that their better half, who is riding on the pillion, should  also wear one. So both the riders on two wheelers must wear crash helmet.


  1. Beware of pick – pockets around the Booking- windows, stalls, tickets  counters and bus stand area.
  2. Please do not touch any unclaimed item/baggage lying on the Bus Stand or in the Bus. In case a thing is found, immediately inform the Police/Bus stand Incharge.
  3. Do not accept any gift/eatable from stranger before/during/ after your journey


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